2013  Powerhouse School is up and running and students that completed 2010, who choose to continue training, will be given a price advantage if they continue training and the right to progress towards your final ministry credential. Third year will still be available for all students but Ordination will be by our faculty invitation. If you have satisfactorily completed Term 1 and Term 2, entrance to Term 3 will most likely be assured.

Tuition Costs and Payment Plans
First Term Students 2013

  • $1499 paid in full
  • $1599 by installments
  • $31.00 per week over 52 weeks on Auto Pay Plan
  • $45.00 per week over nine month course on Auto Pay Plan

Second Term Students 2013

  • $1499 paid in full
  • $1599 by installments
  • DISCOUNTED PRICE by $100 for 2010 Graduates of PowerHouse School of Supernatural Ministries.
  • This will allow you to achieve your 2nd year qualifications.
  • Completion of this year will position you for your final Certification or Ordination.


Payment Plans are available.

(Monthly or Weekly)

Payments are scheduled over a 9 or 12 month period until paid in full.

*25% discount for next family member.

This discount is for members of the same family.

* $100 discount for tuition paid in full.

*Tuition for Online, Correspondence Students is the same price!

* The costs associated with Missions Trips are not included in the tuition. Students are required to participate in one of several Missions Trips that take place during the year.

Methods of Payment

  1. Check:  Please Make Checks Payable to PowerHouse School.

Checks are only accepted for Full Tuition Payment and/or the first installment of the payment plan of your choosing. Monthly and Weekly payment plans will begin from the First Day of the Month when you enroll.

  1. 2.     Credit/Debit/Check Card:  Visa or MasterCard Only
  2. 3.     If you choose to pay according to one of the payment plans:
    1. You may ONLY pay with a Credit/Debit/Check Card.
    2. Your account information will be securely kept on file and you will need to authorize that the school can take a payment from your account according to the payment plan that you choose.


More Information about available payment plans can be found in the application.

For questions or more information email


*The School will also be available as an online correspondence school for international students as well as students who live out of state or too far away to drive to and attend class at the DSMI Center. In special circumstances where a student cannot attend all classes because of family or work commitments we will allow online attendance with out disqualification. All notes and worksheets and tests are available to down load from your member’s area.  All correspondence students must apply and pay the same tuition.


In the event that a student withdraws from school and has previously paid their tuition IN FULL, they may receive a refund of up to 75%. This refund amount is based upon a pro-rated monthly portion of paid tuition. After 3 months it is non refundable.