PowerHouse School of Supernatural Ministries

General Information


The main thrust of the DSMI School of Supernatural Ministry, is to build your individual ministry. The ministry staff at Powerhouse are committed to producing ministers that are built with strong biblical foundations as well as knowledge and experience in all of the supernatural aspects of the “Gospel of Christ” the “Works of Christ”. It is our hope and desire to aid and abet the spiritual and natural growth of your life and experience to become the child of God that will do the works that your Heavenly Father has prepared for you to do.

This is a “Rubber Hits the Road” Training School with the intention to teach and train in areas that will best equip students for the work of the ministry. We want all students to know the voice of God and seek out the mission He has put in each individual heart. The purpose of your time at PowerHouse School is to seek, find and pursue your ‘God Given Passion’ and motivate and release it from within. God builds our ministry from the inside out. That is why it must be a supernatural ministry established by our supernatural God.

God Makes Masterpieces, Not Replicas

It is our intention to recognize the individual and unique ability and calling that God has prepared for each student. The training in the School of Supernatural Ministry will always head towards the individual calling and destiny on the student or couple. God has a specific call for every individual and it is not uncommon for him to lead each of us through a progression of ministry works to arrive at our life’s work.

For this Reason was I Born

It is our desire for you to be able to say “For this reason was I born” when you are in the midst of your work on earth and when you stand before God. Jesus spoke these very same words when He was right in the midst of his work on earth. Thousands of children of God faithfully serve in some capacity in a church or ministry.  Many think and are often led to believe that this is all there is until Jesus returns. Others have yet to find a place to serve in the local church and have concentrated most of their Christianity on themselves and their family. In the last days, many will be found hiding their talents and light under the covering of their personalities and fears.  The DSMI Ministry Builders Team wants to help students put their light on the lamp stand where every one in your world can be affected by its light!

School of Supernatural Ministry Topics Include

New Topics and subjects will be introduced this year that will revolutionize your life and ministry.

We will major on establishing every student in the Foundational Doctrines of the Bible that will cause you to stand in all circumstances of life and ministry. Some newer subjects will also be included like:

  • Character Building Doctrines
  • Christian Stewardship in Scheduling and Budgeting which will allow your ministry to be blessed, financed and protected.
  • Doctrine of Destiny to unlock your ability to know your calling and election and make it sure.
  • To know where you are meant to be in the Kingdom of God.
  • The importance of Location for God’s Timing and Work to be activated.
  • A place called Here and Now, understanding the importance of ‘NOW’ in scripture and faith.


We will go to the next level in the ‘School of the Spirit’ and discover the yet undiscovered areas of God’s realm. Living in the Power of Today and not the uncertainty of tomorrow and its worries.


  • Recognizing and Releasing Individual Spiritual Gifts and Callings – we all have unique and individual calls upon our lives that need to be discovered. The gifts are the same and of God but, how He manifests them through you is unique to you.
  •  Foundational Doctrines of Christ – Knowing and practicing the teachings of Christ in Hebrews chapter 6 so we can go on to maturity.
  • Participating in Crusades in the United States and Overseas – Students will be encouraged to participate in a local or international mission to allow the ministry education to have legs and get up and work.
  • Training in the Laying on of Hands – Most ministers today leave the pulpit and the people without ever touching the people or their needs.
  • Supernatural Preaching – Teaching many times has taken on a natural flow instead of a supernatural flow. Students will be exposed to the supernatural ability we all have in God to preach with authority what God just gives us in the moment.
  • Supernatural Healing and Miracles – Today most ministries large and small have moved away from or are unaware of the supernatural ability God gives us all to heal the sick and work miracles as he leads us.
  • Understanding Prayer and its Power – Developing a love of being aware and communication with God in a way where things are moved. Jesus said in paraphrase, ” if you believe in your heart and say or pray it with conviction out of relationship with God, it will come to pass and will move as a result of your relationship and communication with our Father”.
  • Understanding the Prophetic Ministry – Not only do we want to recognize and release those who are called to the office of a Prophet, but we also want to release and equip everyone to grasp, discern and flow with a prophetic edge. To understand the office and the call for all to prophecy and to know our place in this.
  • Understanding the Business Side of Ministry – There is a natural side of business in ministry. Most ministries do not happen due to lack of finance and many do not succeed as they do not understand how to grow their ministry in the Spirit so God is our employer and our provider. There is a natural side of ministry and how we affect our ministry in the culture of the world, but there is more importantly a culture of Heaven and an economy of Heaven that few enter into. Many chose the pattern of the world rather then the pattern of the Kingdom in ministry and finances. Some have become successful with worldly wisdom and marketing, but may find that success is not endorsed from Heaven. Jesus said to such, “you have received your reward in full.” There is a place for worldly wisdom and marketing to some extent, but only secondary to the blessing that Father is willing to place upon our lives and ministry when we are found faithful with what he has given us to do.

Beyond Foundational Areas, We Will Reach Out to Experience These Elective Areas

  • Supernatural Evangelism and Power Ministry
  • Missions Field Training
  • Planting and Pastoring Churches
  • Starting and Helping to Establish Ministries
  • Television and Media Ministry
  • Creative Arts in Ministry
  • Bookkeeping for Ministry Accountability.
  • Worship Ministry
  • Small Group Leadership
  • Evangelism
  • Prophecy
  • Planting a church or Ministry and more…..

Our Purpose and Method of Training

To impart and release practical, supernatural tools that will enable you to reach your God given destiny. This will be accomplished through teaching, impartation and practical, hand’s on training through our powerful PROGRAM that builds your ministry by experience and facing up to your weaknesses so God can manifest His strength to accomplish your supernatural ministry. God is the only one that can truly build your ministry and our job is to position you to where He can do so.

The mission of the School of Supernatural Ministry is to get people out into the field.

We don’t want to just educate you and have you find yourself with no where to go.  It is our intention to also help find and place people in ministry, and continue to help them on the field.